Retail Product

Individual Fonts

Individual Chinese Fonts are available for desktop and electronic licensing. more...
HK Collection

Includes 166 Chinese fonts (86 Traditional and 80 Simplified Unicode OpenType fonts) more...
PRC Collection

Includes 81 Simplified Chinese fonts. more...
English Fonts

Includes famous Font Libraries like Adobe, Monotype, ITC, Linotype supporting Windows and Mac. more...
Japanese, Korean, Thai
Other Asian Fonts

Monotype Hong Kong Ltd. is proud to announce 3 new non-Latin font categories for our local users: Japanese, Korean and Thai. more...

  • Web Fonts

    Add great looking fonts to your website in a few QUICK steps!

    IT'S AS EASY AS 1,2,3!

    1. Choose From Over 20,000 Web Fonts
    2. Assign Them to Your Text
    3. Add a Short Script to Your Site

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  • Monotype Agency Training Program

    Do you need an 'All Media' font license?
    What are the Dos and Don'ts of font usage?
    Are the font licenses too complicated to understand?

    Monotype Agency Training Program is designed for Advertising & Web Design Agencies or Corporate Marketing Teams, to help them understand the different Font Licensing models for all new media purposes. And it's totally FREE!

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  • FontExplorer X

    Managing fonts get even better

    FontExplorer X Pro, the award-winning font manager, just got easier, better and more powerful. Introducing FontExplorer X Pro 4.0.

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