Born of A New Star: MZhiNgai-UltraBold...

This new creation from Monotype Studio is a perfect combination in contrast and cleanness of the award winning MZhiHei together with the sophistication of the ZhongYi family. Ideal for your next headline to attract attention and appeal your audience.

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FontShop joins Monotype

Important news from us today as we announce that FontShop is joining Monotype. We're excited to combine our love of type, and continue to publish beautiful contemporary design with FontShop.

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Monotype ZhiHei (幟黑體) Won Excellence in Typeface Design Award from TDC...

It is our honour to announce that the Type Directors Club have awarded us a 'Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design' for 3 typefaces from the Monotype Studio - Among the winners is MZhiHei, a bold new Chinese display font, from Monotype Hong Kong.

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Monotype and MIT AgeLab Develop SOA Methodology for Testing Typeface Legibility...

This new study uses an adapted Stimulus Onset Asynchrony (SOA) methodology to create a more flexible, cost- and time-effective way for designers to test specific typeface legibility under glance-like behavior - and help OEMs such as automotive manufacturers and HMI designers select a legible typeface for in-vehicle displays.

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News from Typecast

Design beautiful, readable content for
the web with our new public demo

Big news! Now you can set and style Google Fonts for free in Typecast. No account. No sign up. Just unlimited experimentation.

Brand Perfect by Monotype

Brand Perfect is a collaborative worldwide network of brands, designers and developers exploring what branding means today. We provide a platform for members to share knowledge across industry boundaries, create new insights and valuable alliances, and generate and test practical outcomes.

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